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Beautiful Skin doesn’t happen by accident, professional treatment plus correct home-care equals results

Prevention is better than cure as the old saying goes. Hydration on the inside is a must for improving your skin on the outside. So drink water at least 2 liters a day. But on the surface it’s important to get the correct professional advise.

It’s important to get a fresh skin consultation every couple of years as our skin changes as we get older. It’s good to change things up to get the best results. What may have worked for years, we often feel is still working but you must remember your skin is constantly aging even if you feel your skincare routine is okay, it’s definitely time for change. Sometime it may just be time to add something to your routines.

Regular facials is a great way to make sure your skin is prepared to absorb all the creams you use at home, leading to definitely getting the best results out of all serums and creams. At the end of a facial , I often hear from clients that feels different to the cream I use at home. They are very surprised when I tell them it’s same cream. I explain to them that having the skin resurfaced with either microdermabrasion or a chemical peel , both of which exfoliate to the deepest level depending on skin sensitivity and requirements your skin requires. Applying your daily moisturizer, two main results I hear in the feed back is:

1. I use much less cream for the same feeling if softness

2. My creams last longer.

Also having a facial , can be a very rewarding treatment , not only improving the circulation which will boost color tone, removing dead cells, but in a holistic level of well being. Time out for yourself to recharge and relax.

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