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New CACI SYNERGY – anti-ageing machine

We have been using CACI non surgical facelift machine for the past 10 years. We were very excited about the recent launch of the lastest model and so impressed by the results that we are delighted to announce that we are the first Salon to bring to Muster. We strive to bring our  loyal and new clients the very best and up to date technology in anti ageing developments. We are delighted to be having an open evening in the Studio , with Ireland premier CACI trainer Ciara Daly next Monday  18th November from 4pm – 8pm. demonstrations will take a minimum 15 mins , but all welcome both men and women for  questions and answers. 

CACI  Synergy which is a combination and improvement on CACI’s best selling hi-tech facial machines – CACI Ultra and CACI Ultimate. The revolutionary CACI Synergy treatment offers the newest technology in anti-ageing innovation by combining LED light and microcurrent therapy for better and faster skin rejuvenating results. The dual action of the LED light therapy and S.P.E.D (simultaneous photo electrical delivery) microcurrent technology stimulates tissue regeneration and encourages collagen production. Microcurrent therapy is widely used as an aesthetic anti-ageing treatment that encourages the facial muscles to lift and tone the skin.

The treatment also has an ultrasonic hand held device that contains ceramic/quartz transducers to cause any dead skin cells to dislodge and gently cleanses the epidermis from any impurities. It’s an all in one treatment which also includes crystal-free orbital microdermabrasion to exfoliate the epidermis and remove dead skin cells for healthy glowing skin.

Synergy is a non-invasive treatment to tackle a variety of skin concerns including improving the appearance of dark circles, facial toning, skin hydration, acne, blemishes, lines and wrinkles. This treatment can also be used on other places on the body to tighten skin and improve stretch marks, cellulite and jowls.

As we have been doing the facial for the past number of years the feedback has always been fantastic, the clients generally compare it to a work out for the face, its like no other facial they have ever had. Results are immediate. one of my favorite reviews: 

“I went on a 6 week course (once a week)in August of Caci treatments. I am now on a maintenance programme of one every 6 weeks . This is more than a facial ! It’s exercise for your face muscles! We go to the gym to work out, tone or sculpt, or walk, Cycle run for all these reasons ! Well let me tell you that Caci Facial treatment is the exact same ! It’s an hour & half long of intense work with a machine on your face ! The results are phenomenal. The before and after pictures that they take- will amaze you and they did me!”

“I have gotten to an age that Gravity is unfortunately taking over (43) and felt I wanted to keep on top of things …..I go to the gym 4/5 times a week, eat well, look after myself & felt that it’s time I researched a Facial that was non surgical and working my facial muscles! I discovered Caci facials in Killarney Toning & Beauty Studio. I was always good at your “normal” facials since in my 30’s but knew I needed something more”

“Ladies I can’t recommend this type of facial enough. It’s unreal and the results speak for themselves. The service as always is so professional in Killarney Toning & Beauty Studio and felt I needed to share my experience this facial as let’s face it, we aren’t getting any younger!”

From the beginning to the end of the facial there is major work being done, from deep exfoliation with microdermabrasion, the new machine will be enhancing the deep cleaning stage with the added extra of the ultra sonic skin peeler…. ultra sonic peeling uses a hand piece containing ceramic/quartz heads that when excited by an electrical current emit piezoelectric vibrations that cause the hand piece to vibrate at 27,000 vibrations per second on the skin surface. There rapid vibrations push skin impurities to the surface and dead skin cells to become dislodged. The vibrating hand piece is then used to deep cleanse and gently exfoliate the epidermis. The rapid expansions and contractions of the vibrating hand also destroy bacteria by causing the single cell wall of the bacteria cells to implode. the micolifting stage lifts all 32 muscle of the face giving a facelift effect.

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