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Caci synergy machine- eye revive facial

The eyes are the first area to show signs of aging , so it’s important to help prevent this or reverse it depending on your age and skincare routine to date. The first and most important advice would be to always wear sunglasses ,as premature aging from the sun and squinting can cause aging. Second piece of advice would be to use a specfic eye makeup remover as the eye area is a very delicate area. Thirdly, a fantastic eye cream or eye gel, applied twice daily, I recommend Sothys  Radiance eye cream, to combat dark circles, wrinkles and dark spots. 

Finally its important to have an eye facial, espcailly if you havent been having facials regularly. If you 25 and you want to keep your eyes look young , or your 45 plus and you want to correct the signs of ageing , wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. 

If your affected by screen light exposure, sleepless nights due to hormoanal changes ot late night out. If youd like to postpone have aesthetic procdures. 

The New CACI eye revive treatment is for everyone concerend with ageing eyes, it will help to lift and tighten the skin around the eye brows and corners of eyes, It helps reduce the puffiness under the eyes.  It helps reduces fine lines and hooded eyelids. With the dual action of LED light therpy and microcurrent energy stimulates tissue regeneration and helps the production of collagen.  The Synergy of these two technologies provide visible and longer lasting results. 

The treatment its self is very relaxing, It take 45 mins and focuses on the eye area . Its starts with the lifting of the the brow muscles, smooghing the fine lines at the corners of teh eyes (crows feet) and smoothing and draining build up of fluid and lymph under the eyes. We then use specic serum filled eye rollers with micro current which have a cooling effect on the skin to gently tighten and tone sagging muscles around the eye area, whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines andd wrinkles. Finished with a silicone mask, infused with hyaluronic acid and we use a galvanic current to push in the serum and hold it in the deeper layers of skin. Very refeshing and brightenig on the skin.