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Why Every Man needs a Pedicure

Having a pedicure is the most relaxing and effective way to maintain foot hygiene and keep them clean and fresh. Most men think that having a pedicure is too girly or not a manly thing to do. Its time to change your mind set. Paying attention to how you look and looking after your nails or any type of grooming rituals isn’t going to dent your masculinity, or make you less of a man. 

Going for a pedicure is a must do, as it helps to prevent athletes’ foot, fungal infection, smelly feet, ingrown toe nails, sore ,tired feet, hard , rough skin, thickened toenails. 

Pedicures are a therapeutic treatment for the feet, they are done to remove dead skin, soften your feet , remove excess cuticles , cut and shape nails correctly, with the correct implements, which help make it painless. The deluxe pedicure chair with built in back massager can help relax even the most nervous of clients. It’s in a private location so no one can see you, helping to take the tension out of showing your feet to someone for the first time. The jacuzzi jets are powerful enough to help soften the toughest of feet. With summer in the door , it’s a great time to get the feet sorted out for sandal season and trips to the swimming pool. 

I understand some men feel conflicted about getting pedicures since beauty treatments has always been associated with women. things have changed , getting pedicures or manicures are not always about beauty but sometimes about hygiene. 

We use a drill , which the men love to see as it makes it feel a bit more manly, also we assure men they dont have to paint their nail, unless they want too of course!!