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Prepare your skin ( male & female ) for summer waxing

Summer waxing for Men and women , sujests  preparing the skin. You will look and feel glowing ready for the summer fun! Exfoliating is extremely important before you start waxing. To get rid of old skin cells and possibly trapped hairs . 

Exfoliation is essential for healthy skin, but let it rest 24 hours before your waxing appointment. Mitts, dry brushes and loofahs are great for the legs and help with improving circulation for anti-cellulite also. 

If it’s your first wax of the season , book a full body exfoliation , this will help leave the body smooth. Improve your moisturizing game, apply it everyday after your shower. 

Eating the right foods can really help your skins hydration. As unhealthy foods increase free radicals , which accelerate cell oxidation which speeds up the ageing process.  Eat plenty of good fats nuts, avocados , oily fish , fruits, leafy greens and plenty of water. 

Before your first waxing treatment , let your hair grow for at least two weeks. Avoid sun and sunbeds for at least two days before appointment. Heat treatments like saunas are best to avoid for 24 hrs before waxing also.  

Now yourr ready for summer waxing , I hope these tips come in handy, if its your first time dont worry its not that sore and the resukts out weight the little pain. the hair starts to regrow softer , lighter straight away. it wont last that long initially, but it will definitly last longer than shaving everyday. You wont be left with stubble, sharp hair regrowth or a shadow , bumpy skin.

Male waxing usually consists of back or chest waxing ,but  we get requested to wax arms , legs , neck , nose , brows. 

Ladies most requested waxing is Leg , under arm and hollywood. 

For more information or to make a booking call Jill 064-6632966