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Electrolysis – permanent Hair removal

Male Grooming is becoming the norm, excess hair is one of the most common concerns. Some of the treatment areas are : eyebrows, especially the unibrow is of concern, bread sculpting, to eliminate shaving on the cheeks and neck, neck line, to treat irritations and ingrown hairs, ear hair, back hair and shoulder hair. Repeated tweezing and shaving , plus the fact taht clothes are worn tight over some areas , can contribute to hairs being trapped beneath the skin. Belts over the lower back can cause serious irritation and men dont realise a simple solution if its caught on time. It may be that they are getting a spot in the area continually and its an ingrown hair that’s causing a build-up of serum and eventually will lead to surgery if left untreated.  It’s far too common for men to suffer ingrown hair on their necks and lower back. This is easily remedied with a few sessions of electrolysis and will alleviate any irritation you may have been experiencing. This can happen at any age male or female. 

Based on a consultation , we will tailor a treatment plan that will address your specific areas of concern. Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal that is FDA approved. We use the blend technique with the most up to date tech, Aplisus branded machine.  If your not someone who cheerfully puts up with the time consuming hair maintenance routine, you’ve found the permanent hair removal solution right here, book a consultation and see how it can work for you. 

Yes, it’s also a common issue woman of all ages have been putting up with , facial hair. It’s often caused by hormonal changes such as menopause and hormonal imbalances such as pcos. Women with excess facial hair resort to temporary methods such as shaving , tweezing, threading, waxing, sugaring. Electrolysis is the only permanent method of unwanted hair. 

for more information or to book a consultation call Jill 064-6632966